Hershe Natalya

She has dual citizenship - Belarus and Switzerland. She has been living in Switzerland for the last 12 years with her minor daughter. She visits Belarus once a year.
She arrived in Minsk on September 11, and after meeting with her friend on September 19, she joined the "women's march" near the Komarovsky market. This is the only time Natalya took part in the march (on September 21 she bought a return ticket to Switzerland). On that day, she was detained in the framework of an administrative case under Art. 23.34 Administrative Code (participation in an unauthorized mass event). During the arrest Natalya did not obey the demands of the officers to get into the special vehicle, tried to escape, and when her actions were stopped by the OMON officer Sergey Konchik, she struggled and resisted, grabbed Kochik by the face and scratched, pulled off the balaclava. Because of this, a criminal case was opened against her and sentenced to a term of 2 years and 6 months in a penal colony.

Date of birth: -
Criminal Article: Art. 363 "Resistance to a police officer or other person protecting public order"
Detained: September 19
Detailed information: https://nina.nn.by/?c=ar&i=264949&lang=ru
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