Chernyavsky Nikolay

33-year-old worker from Gorodok (Vitebsk Region). Previously, he worked as a worker in a military unit, for the last few years he worked unofficially. Lived with his mother and grandmother.

The first time he was detained in October for 72 hours, the second time in November. The basis was a criminal case under Art. 369 of the Criminal Code ("Insulting a representative of the authorities") and Art. 365 of the Criminal Code ("interference in the activities of an employee of internal affairs").
According to the investigation, on August 22, Nikolai Chernyavsky left a comment in one of the telegram channels in which he insulted a police officer and also threatened to publish his personal data.

Date of birth: -
Letter address: SIZO-2, 210026, Vitebsk, st. Gagarin, 2
Criminal Article: Art. 369 "Insulting a government official"
Detained: November 19
Detailed information:
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