Yegor Dudnikov

20-year-old citizen of Russia. Before his arrest, he lived in Minsk for about a year. In Russia, the guy finished his training as a cook, in Minsk he earned by dubbing cartoons, anime, games, commercials, and worked as an editor.

He was detained on May 4 in Minsk, a search was conducted in a rented apartment (only the microphone was seized) and placed in the KGB pre-trial detention center. During the arrest, he was beaten.

"" I was detained on May 4, 2021 harshly. There was no strength to run away. There were many of them - I am alone. I immediately understood "what's what": the GUBOP worked, sparing no hands - they kicked and punched during the arrest. They shouted: "Scum, did you run?" Everything in my eyes darkened ... There were also KGB officers. They behaved intelligently, unlike the GUBOP - they talked and filmed. They said I was Evil Bet. The consequences of the detention were bruises and a split tooth. I was told that I called people to violence against law enforcement officers. Also, the fact that I dubbed the videos, which were subsequently posted on the Botogsb / partisanbot YouTube channel, "" Yegor conveyed through his lawyer.

Date of birth: 11 October 2000
Date of detention: 4 May 2021
Charges indicted:
Art. 342 of the Criminal Code - Organization and preparation of actions that grossly violate public order, or active participation in them
Prison: Pre-trial detention center No. 1
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