Artsiom Isakau

According to the charges, on October 25, Artyom Isakov took an active part in an unsanctioned mass march. The prosecution asserts that Isakov “sprayed a stream of pepper gas towards the faces and bodies of militiamen Voitsekhovsky, Ivanov, Senkevich” at least twice. By these actions, Isakov, according to the prosecutor's office, prevented the police from detaining a drunk citizen who shouted insulting words in their direction.

Later, during his detention near Chkalov Street, Isakov, according to the prosecution, at least three times sprayed pepper gas towards police officers Anenkov, Dunets, Lazuka, Radkevich, Ratnikov. This allegedly caused physical pain to the police officers.

Artem Isakov admitted his guilt in part.

Date of birth: 22 March
Date of detention: 25 October 2020
Charges indicted:
Art. 364 of the Criminal Code - Violence or threat of violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies
Sentence: 3 years
Penalty: imprisonment in a general-security penal colony
Mail address: Penal colony No. 22. 225295, Brest region, Ivacevičy, station Damanava, PO Box 20
Detailed information:
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