Kirilenko Alexandr

A 33-year-old programmer from Vitebsk. According to his mother, Alexandr is a benevolent and calm person, with a heightened sense of justice. He devotes all his time to programming and enjoys cycling. On September 6, he was detained with a bicycle.

On September 6, during a street march, Aleksandr Kirilenko interfered with the activities of a police officer of the patrol service, senior warrant officer Yuri Voleichenko. The State Prosecutor accused Kirilenko of inflicting at least two traumatic effects on the head and right hand, knocking out a rubber truncheon out of revenge for the performance of his official duties. Alexander Kirilenko pleaded guilty in part, claiming that he had no motive to take revenge on an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for carrying out his law enforcement activities.

The incident took place near house No. 43 on Pravdy Street in Vitebsk. One of the participants in the protest march tore off the medical mask from the face of Warrant Officer Voleichenko, who tried to detain her, but Aleksandr Kirilenko stood up for the woman and pushed the policeman away.

Birthday: June 8, 1987
Letter address: SIZO-2, 210026, Vitebsk, st. Gagarin, 2
Criminal Article: Art. 364 Violence or threat of violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies
Detained: September 6, 2020
Term: 2 years 6 months imprisonment in a general regime colony
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