Shustov Vladimir

Vladimir was detained on December 21 at the doorstep of the school, where he took his daughter. A search was carried out in his apartment, in his car, in the office where he worked. During the searches, they seized a laptop, a phone, and a working hard drive. At the same time, they refused to leave the search warrant, the arrest warrant, and other copies of the documents for the search and seizure to his wife. Nikolay is a father in a large family.

Birthday: February 14, 1973
Letter address: Prison No. 4, 212011, Mogilev, st. Krupskaya, 99A
Criminal Article: Art. 364 Violence or threat of violence against an employee of the internal affairs bodies
Detained: August 10, 2020
Term: 3 years of imprisonment in a general regime colony
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