Vadim Sychik

Resident of Bereza. According to the prosecution, Vadim Sychik on August 10, between 22.50 and 23.00, grossly violating public order and out of hooliganism, deliberately threw one time with an unidentified object and smashed the side window of a MAZ bus that was following Lenin Street in Bereza. At that time, there were employees of the Berezovsky District Department of Internal Affairs and by their actions caused property damage to the branch "Automobile Park No. 8 of Bereza" in the amount of 270 rubles.
The accused partially admitted his guilt: he does not deny the throw, but says that he had no hooligan motives and did not deliberately throw a lighter into the bus. According to his version, he was very angry because his lighter did not work, and threw it in the direction of the roadway, the lid came off and hit a bus passing by - the glass was covered with a "mesh".

Date of birth: 13 February 1984
Detained: 11 December
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